Kurkov Softwash

Kurkov Softwash provides roof and exterior cleaning services to multi-family communities. If your roof is covered in black algae stains, moss, lichens, mildew or mold, then Softwash is your solution. Our Softwash process is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and uses a low pressure treatment to revive your roof and improve your curb appeal once again. 

Softwash is an effective alternative process to pressure washing. Pressure washing is a high-pressure sprayer used to remove objects from surfaces such as concrete, using anywhere from 2000-5000 PSI. Softwash on the other hand, cleans surfaces using low pressure ( we use 150 PSI ) and without the risk of damaging your building. 

Before & After Softwash

Kurkov Softwash focuses mainly on multifamily roof cleaning, but offers services to commercial and residential buildings as well. Other services include roof treatment, siding, stone, stucco, brick, gutter cleaning, sidewalks, driveways, decks, fences and playgrounds.